1 thought on “Meridian Mayhem”

  1. I have travelled this road everyday for 10years. It is an other example of waste while out propert taxes continue to rise. I would like to know if any city management or elected official knows the amount spend “fixing” this road? In most repair businesses, a repeat concern not fixed correct the first time for a customer would be elevated to a manager to make sure it is rectified. Are we as tax payers not customers? We are paying!
    Having watched these so called “repairs” over and over and over again……is there not someone in city management that may ha e said years ago….”wait! If we put a bridge made of solid gold over this stretch of road, it will be cheaper than “fixing” it every week.
    No. Let’s just raise taxes. Unfortunately, it appears this is just another example of wasted tax dollars by our city. Hmmmm can you say the buses are too heavy for the new bus barns?


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