City Programs

Not Par for the Course

The Dogwood Café, located within the Victoria Golf Course and Driving Range, is among the 14 Community and Recreation Facilities in Edmonton that have contracted out food service provider agreements to third-party companies. All of these agreements have expired as of this year. The City of Edmonton recently put forward a Negotiated Request for Proposal, which opened the process to… Continue reading Not Par for the Course


Former Domtar Wood Treatment Facility

Environmental and Public Health Orders were issued on Friday, March 16th by the Government of Alberta involving a number of sites within and near the Domtar area (north of the Yellowhead Highway between 50th Street and Victoria Trail). I participated in the two telephone town halls and one public information session that were facilitated immediately… Continue reading Former Domtar Wood Treatment Facility

Council Updates

Ease Up and Slow Down: Playground Zones in Effect

You may have noticed a change in signs posted around schools in Edmonton these past few months. All previously designated Schools Zones in Edmonton have now become Playground Zones. The transition to Playground Zones introduced a couple of minor changes: The 30 km/hr speed limit will be in effect from 7:30 to 21:00. That is, from… Continue reading Ease Up and Slow Down: Playground Zones in Effect

Council Updates

Waste Management Strategy Update: Part 1

Over the next few months, Council will be carefully reviewing, reassessing, and restructuring the City of Edmonton’s solid waste management. This evaluation will reassess the collection services, disposal infrastructure, and waste diversion programs to address the shortcomings demonstrated in the Waste Services Audit, released in February 2018. This process has already begun, with City administration… Continue reading Waste Management Strategy Update: Part 1